Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When not to take the easy road...

I haven't posted since last March when I blogged during my China trip. Seeing how 2008 is almost gone, I thought I would post some recent thoughts and reflections on 2008 and maybe even resolve to be more consistent in the future!

My most recent lesson that the world needs to know about relates to automobile tires. At some point a few years ago I thought I had discovered the end-all solution to flat tires by injecting many ounces of green Slime flat repair into all kinds of tires when I had a flat. I bought a gallon of the stuff with pump, and injected it into my bicycle tires, lawn mower tires, and then my car tires. Bad idea. The slime works great for bike tires, ATV tires, and Lawn mower tires, but it is not intended for car tires. Over the past year I have had at least 3 tires taken off the rim and washed out to get rid of the slime so they can be repaired. It works temporarily, but later due to gravity or cold or whatever, the hole will open up and the air will leak out. If you have a nail in a tire, it needs to be removed and the hole repaired... slime should only be used in automobile tires for emergencies, and then cleaned out. It will cause the tire to hold air when taken to a tire repair center, fooling everyone into thinking there is no leak. Then when parked in your garage it will go flat. I've seen it on at least 3 tires that I had injected that stuff into over the past few years... lesson learned.