Wednesday, November 18, 2009

David Crowder Video

I've really been blessed by David Crowder Band's new cd "Church Music". You can see a video of "how He loves" here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

so smart, I'm dumb

The seemingly endless tendency of my mind to analyze, construct, improve, solve, compartmentalize, build, and re-build every situation in my life is almost enough to drive a person crazy. This pairs with my confrontive nature that leads me to be known to "argue for the sake of arguing", but it doesn't discount my desire for truth. This personality has it's disadvantages, but I'll take my lot in life any day if I had the option to start over. The advantages are great also, as the researching options and problem solving tends to come in handy often. Sometimes the practical application of over-engineering doesn't work out so well though.
Case in point, I bought a new acoustic guitar for leading worship at church. Shortly after buying it I noticed a small scratch on the back as a result of rubbing on my belt buckle (AKA buckle rash). In my haste to prevent such a scratch from ever happening again I applied a piece of plastic to part of the back of the guitar to protect the guitar. Three weeks later when I decided to take the plastic off, I realized it had reacted with the finish on the guitar, making a much larger area of the finish marred than the original scratch. All with good intent, only to crash and burn. It's okay though. Lesson learned (maybe?), and my new guitar is officially "broken in". Now for the next project.