Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on the Gatlin Praise Band

We are coming up on a year since I introduced drums to Gatlin, and jumped into a humble beginning of leading a praise band. The experience has been a blessing in so many ways, I thought I would share some of the progress. I have never considered myself talented musically or vocally, but driven and leadership oriented. I believe God has used Aimee and me this year (flaws and all). Hannah Sherrill learned drums quickly, and has been a reliable and talented backbone to the band. Working with teenage boys has been a challenge, but Dylan McBride's talent on guitar and bass would impress even seasoned musicians. Our second teenage boy, Justin Mangum helps out on sound, which has been greatly needed. I asked, and God brought Jim Condley to help with sound, video, and computer needs. My wife adds a professional touch with background vocals and solos. Our budget decreased through 2009, but once again, God provided in the past two weeks, and we have been able to order a HD Projector & equipment. Also in the past two weeks we have added a bass player Jason Barrett, who is also very talented. We are blessed, and I am excited about what 2010 has in store. Not for our glory, but that the name of Christ may be lifted.

soli Deo gloria


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sam Childer's Angels of East Africa

I just finished this book (Another man's war) by Sam Childers. It is a moving story of a man who started an orphanage in Sudan to rescue children. The brutality these people face on a daily basis is beyond the radar of most Americans. With no significant government in place, a band of rebel terrorists patrol the country with the only purpose of maiming and killing innocent people. Many of the children are captured and forced to kill and disfigure their own parents before joining the rebel army themselves. The girls are raped, and all of them are mentally and physically tormented. I think we as American's (and other wealthy Christians) need to be informed about this type of horror and poverty that is standard fare all of the world. The least we can do is pray for and donate to ministries like Sam's; and many of us need to follow his footsteps and get involved in a hands on way. Thank You Sam for presenting your story. Here is a sample video from his ministry in 2008: