Monday, May 17, 2010

Facebook isn't for everyone

With the rise of Facebook, it is interesting to me, the number of Christians who jump on the bandwagon, seemingly throwing caution to the wind. I'm not referring to the pragmatic crowd who have already abandoned the gospel in favor of an adjusted, more sin friendly gospel. No, I expect it from them. I have noticed a trend toward embracing this phenomenon even by those who love and preach the true Gospel. Some, even seem to be scolding those of us who haven't joined the facebook culture. I want to be clear here that I'm not saying facebook cannot be used for ministry, or that it can't be beneficial. What I am saying is that Christians should know and acknowledge the dangers associated with any new technology, including social media.

Specifically, I want to point out three issues that concern me.
1) Time management: This applies to all areas of recreational or personal pursuits. There are only 24 hours in a day, and for me that must include time for earning my living, being a husband & father, sleeping, eating, ministry, study, and all of the challenges that come with these categories. Spending hours each day reading and replying to my friends facebook updates doesn't seem like a wise use of time.

2) It is well documented that the instant connection with a full array of people from one's past doesn't always have positive effects. Here is a link to one such article, suggesting Facebook to Blame for Divorce Boom . It doesn't take a great amount of common sense to know that some things are better left in the past, specifically ex-girlfriends an boyfriends for married men and women. Being above reproach means knowing when to avoid temptations, even as some people are more susceptible than others. (If King David was susceptible to adultery, so are you. Guard your heart, eyes, and relationships.)

3) Privacy and guarding of personal information is also a concern. It should go without saying that users of social media should be diligent in guarding their personal information. Many in the Y and Z generations are learning or will soon learn this lesson the hard way. This applies to my blog as well. The internet is a permanent record, that could come back to bite you, years down the road.

Monday, May 10, 2010