Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Pacific

Last night I finished watching the HBO series "The Pacific". I own and enjoyed the DVD set "Band of Brothers", and purchased The Pacific on blu ray hoping to learn more about WWII and to gain a deeper respect for those who suffered and died for my freedom.
The series is rated TV-MA, which should have raised a red flag immediately. I understand the violence necessary in a series like this, but I think Tom Hanks went overboard with the sex scenes and profanity. Through most of the 10 parts, the f-word is by far the most frequently used word. If I owned a profanity filter for blu ray, I would have missed half of the series. I can imagine the brutal reality of war being obscene, but my guess is that reality is tame compared to the shock value Hollywood aspired to in this series. The sex scenes and even male frontal nudity in The Pacific go beyond adding a flavor of reality, to making it the focal point of the series.
The storyline is interesting, and unlike Band of Brothers, The Pacific follows 3 US Marines through their trek across the Pacific Ocean, in bloody combat sequences to the end of the war. The acting was excellent, the visual and special effects outstanding, and the history well told, however, the overkill of profanity and nudity make the series hard to recommend.