Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book Review: The Greener Grass Conspiracy

"Greener Grass Conspiracy" Trailer - Stephen Altrogge from Crossway on Vimeo.

The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your side of the fence

Stephen Altrogge is the son of Mark Altrogge, who is the author of contemporary praise and worship songs “I stand in awe”, “One pure and holy passion”, and “I’m Forever Grateful” to name a few. Both Stephen and his dad are songwriters for Sovereign Grace Music, and have written or contributed to many songs that are sung all over the world, with an emphasis on sound biblical doctrine.

Currently, Stephen is a pastor on staff at Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, PA. This is his first book to be published, to my knowledge. I follow Stephen on Twitter, where he consistently tweets in his comical, somewhat dry sense of humor mixed with an occasional biblical quote or exhortation.
I liked the concept of his book from the beginning. The title is catchy and something we can all relate to. Throughout the 139 pages he offers antidotes and gentle (or not so gentle) reminders that Christians should be content. I like the following quote from page 24-25:

“God shows his glory in different ways through different people. He displays his glory in some people by allowing them to suffer and then gives them incredible amounts of grace in the midst of that suffering. He shows his glory in others by abundantly blessing them and then giving them a heart that overflows with generosity. To some he gives a large family, so that they might raise their children to the glory of God. To others he gives the gift of singleness, so that they might pour all their energies into serving Jesus. God is God, and he will display his glory in us as he chooses.”

Well said, and a key point in my own contentment. Parts of the book do seem repetitive, though I applaud Stephen for making the effort, and for reminding me to be content where I am. It is truly a message that needs to be repeated, because it fits the human condition so well.

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His Proverbs31 Sparrow said...

A couple weeks ago I downloaded a free copy of this ebook to review...have read only a small bit of it so far, but have really liked what I have read. As you state, we humans are so very inclined to be discontent; I'm sure it's a sin that must greatly grieve God's gracious and kind giving heart, who daily gives us way more gifts than we can ever really count, (if we were to ever truly try to count them all)!