Monday, July 18, 2011

The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place is the autobiography of Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983), written in the early 1970s about her life. She grew up in the town of Haarlem, Holland and was there when Germany seized control of Holland and began their persecution of Jews. Corrie was unmarried, a Christian, and lived and worked with her father and older sister in their 100-year old watch shop. She and her family were able to hide and protect many Jews before their underground operation was discovered, and she was sent to a concentration camp herself. She is a master storyteller, weaving small details into the story from a half century earlier. The title link of this blog is to a virtual tour of the home/watch shop she grew up in, and the actual hiding place that was used to hide Jews. You can buy the audiobook from Christian Audio here or the book from Amazon here.
There is also a movie from 1975. I was greatly encouraged by the book and you will be too.

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His Proverbs31 Sparrow said...

Cody, we have had the book The Hiding Place, as well as audiobook, for years...and have never tired of reading or listening to them...such an amazing, inspiring story. Also good is Tramp for the Lord, by her, as well.

Thanks for the link to her online museum...we didn't know that existed...looks wonderful!

Give our best to the family.