Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fire Power

The Governor of Oklahoma lifted the burn ban this week in most of the counties. Grady County is still very dry, and has been under a burn ban since June (no fireworks this year!). So I took the opportunity yesterday to burn some brush piles along a dry creek on my property before the Grady County Commissioners reinstate a county burn ban. My dad set me to the task noting that if we don't get rid of the driftwood piles that have accumulated in the creek bed, when it does rain again, the creek will potentially go around the piles of wood & debris & cut a new channel. We don't want that to happen.
Fire is so volatile, it takes an extreme amount of caution and preparation. Even though we are still in severe drought, we had received some small rains within the past few weeks. There was almost no wind last night, so conditions were ideal (considering the drought). One of the fires was adjacent to a timbered creek area, so I took extra precautions including calling the County Fire Chief, cutting away any brush on the edges of my pile that could act as a fuse to ignite areas outside of my control, and keeping a shovel on hand to pile dirt on spreading coals. We also camped near the fires to be able to watch them over the night. Though hard work and stressful, it has been a success so far... and we are planting wheat today, so please Lord, bring the rains!

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