Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Intention isn't always bad

I started this blog with the theory that our generation, and maybe humanity in general, tends to have "good intentions" that often don't materialize. From my view, being such a logical, black & white type A personality, I often wonder why people can't just resolve... resolve to do what they said they would do; resolve to meet deadlines they have agreed to; resolve to live by the golden rule. Those are things I try to do in my own life. Not that I have or ever will obtain perfection... this morning I slept through an appointment to ride bicycles with my pastor. I hate my own tendencies to allow intention to carry the day, and fading into a forgotten promise.
It did occur to me, however, that sometimes intention is suitable, even preferable to the situation. Every one of the thousands of choices we make daily is loaded with consequences. Being time-limited, we have to prioritize those choices, and it is inevitable that those lower priorities will start out as intentions that may or may not get done. I think the best course of action is to know the difference between the two types of commitments, and try to clarify which is which. I'll work on this and try to develop an organized description to post later.

grace and peace

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