Monday, December 05, 2011

OSU Football 2011: It's not about them anymore.

I'm glad that I can say I was there Saturday night when Oklahoma State University won its first ever outright Big 12 Championship title and beat OU. I had noticed that the chant of the crowd was "O---S----U----Cowboys" (twice). I expected them to cap it off with "O----U----Sucks!" like they did when I was a student there. I turned to the younger guy sitting next to me asked what happened to that chant. I think his response sums up the current OSU football program as an example of moving the line (between intention and resolve). He said "I haven't heard that in a long time... it's not about them anymore, it's about us!"

As a lifetime OSU fan and alumni, it is exciting to see this kind of progress. For so many years, even in my own mind, it has been about beating OU, which seldom happened. Now it's "about us", and with the jump start from Boone Pickens & a change of attitude, OSU finally has a national champion caliber team. The fact that OSU won't get to play in the championship game doesn't change that. The team has so much to show for this season and a foundation to build on for the future. This type of success leads to a real rivalry with OU and name recognition on the national level, which formerly was non-existent.

Yes, it is great to win every once in a while, but when you don't (like the crushing Iowa State loss), it is just a reminder that life isn't about football. I will still support the Cowboys, and still be proud to call Stillwater home.

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