Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blogging again

I took a break from blogging over the past few months, and decided that I need to find the time to blog again. Blogging gives me a way to post my thoughts in a public log where I'm not concerned about a lot of people seeing it unless they are looking for it. I never liked the idea of facebook, but decided to try an account in January, and really got what I expected. Most of my posts are going to be controversial to someone, and with facebook, there is a potential for a lot of people to see what I post. I don't really like the idea of forcing my content on others, and I don't want to feel obligated to restrain myself from advocating for causes I care about. With a blog, I can post what I want, and the only people who will read it are those who go to my blog site, or happen to type a search term that matched a label, or somehow stumble on it. I understand it is a permanent record, so I am careful what I post.

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