Monday, February 08, 2016

Superbowl 50: A Tribute to the gods of the Age.

I watched the first half of Superbowl 50 last night.  That is something for me, because I usually find something else to do like watch a movie.  It's not that I don't like sports, it just isn't a high priority for me, except for my Alma Mater, Oklahoma State University.  Now I have a teenage son who is starting to appreciate sports, and so I joined him last night (for a while).  It also helped that both teams were more-or-less underdogs instead of the power-house teams that have traditionally made it to the Superbowl in recent years.
As I watched the game, and the commercials, and the half-time show, I couldn't help but do a worldview analysis of what was unfolding, and this is what I came up with.

The super bowl is the mecca event of our age, for America.  I have to say "for America", because a quick google of the topic showed that while over 100 Million people watched the Super Bowl, that is just a fraction of the over 900 Million people who watch the World Cup (Soccer).  I'm sure the world cup celebrates the same themes, but this post is about the Super Bowl.
While sports in general are a good thing, the celebration itself has become a tower of Babel, so to speak, of man cheering himself on for how great he is and how much he has accomplished.  The tone of the whole spectacle is one of narcissism and a celebration of secular pop culture and all that culture stands for.  A couple of examples from last night come to mind.

1) The commercial for Mini Cooper called the car "gay".  Five years ago, and probably one year ago, that wouldn't have happened.  The word "gay" has moved from meaning happy (50 years ago), to homosexual in a negative connotation (20 years ago), to homosexual as a positive connotation.  This reflects the massive moral revolution that has swept our world over the past few years, culminating with the Supreme Court Decision that made homosexual marriage legal in all 50 states.  This is what a revolution does, it flips the categories, so that what was considered a moral good is now considered a moral evil, and what was considered a moral evil is now considered a moral good.  The fact that a company now feels "safe" to call a car "gay" to over 100 million people is wholesale proof of the completion of the moral revolution.

2) So much can be said about the half-time show, but my observation was the combination of the biggest pop stars of the day, the sexual overtones, revealing costumes of the female performers (remember the wardrobe malfunction from a few years ago?), and the repetitive focusing of the camera on the rainbow flag & colors (celebrating LGBT), all scream a message that Frank Peretti explained well several years ago, talking about Shirley McClain.  He asked the listener to imagine Shirley standing on the beach with her hands in the air screaming "I AM GOD!" over and over again, while the God of the universe looks on (laughing).  The prominent placement of the rainbow flags, the explosion of colors, and the reference to love  ("BELIEVE IN LOVE") by the unwitting spectators in the background all pointed to the supreme court decision to legalize homosexual marriage and celebrate the triumph of the LGBT agenda.  Our secular culture is now a safe haven for anything LGBT, to spit in the face of God while declaring victory, and subtly bringing along any dissenters to celebrate with them.

My prayer is not only for those who have joined the moral revolution, who celebrate what God calls sin as good and just and right, but also for the Christians who have been deceived by the rhetoric and are blind to the meaning behind the pomp and circumstance.  May the one true God open eyes to the hidden blasphemies of the day, and keep us from being hypocrites.  The good news is that God is sovereign and still reigning on his throne.  Proverbs 16:33 says "The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord".  God has a purpose in everything (Romans 8:28, Ephesians 1:11-12), and will one day judge this wicked world and set all things right (Revelation 21:1-8).  Until then, may we labor for the Kingdom of God, and strive to know Jesus, Christ, who lived a sinless life and was murdered as a propitiation for my sins, resurrected on the third day, as an ultimate blow to Satan. I don't judge the world for celebrating the things of the world.  God will do that.  My heart breaks for them though, and I thank God for opening my eyes and for His grace to me.

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